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Unity Tactical – Modlite ModButton Lite – Surefire Modlite – 7″ Lead – Black


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Unity Tactical

Black Surefire 7



Unity Tactical – Modlite ModButton Lite – Surefire Modlite – 7″ Lead – Black

ModButton Lite is a smaller lighter weight cousin to the original ModButton. The switch features the same momentary only activation as the original ModButton. It also features the same high power cable and switch from ModButton but in a slightly smaller package without the integrated mount. The switch is made from injection molded plastic and fully potted to provide extra degree of protection in harsh environments and ensures a durable long lasting switch.

ModButton Lite utilizes a patented Unity Tactical design which supports power delivery needed by the next generation of high output weapon lights like Modlite. A Unity built Surefire® compatible cable lead allows ModButton Lite to be backwardly compatible with all Surefire®, Arisaka and Modlite Scout bodies as well as Surefire UE and DS00 tail caps.

This version works with Surefire-type tail caps and offers press for momentary function only.

Meets MIL-STD-801G(1)-512.6


DIMENSIONS:  1.125″(L) x 1.125″(W) x 0.50″(H)

WEIGHT:  1.8 oz

MATERIAL:  Polymer

MOUNT TYPE:  M1913 Picatinny Rail Grabber


SureFire® Type: Surefire UE, XM, XT, DS00 Tail Caps

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 1 × 6 in


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