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U.S. LawShield

We are proud to partner with U.S. LawShield® because we understand that defending yourself in a violent encounter is only half of the battle.  Surviving a violent attack is always the first goal.  Surviving the legal system is the second.  That is why we recommend U.S. LawShield® to all of our customers.

We work tirelessly to provide every civilian who trains with us a program that is extensive and welcoming. Not only do we stand behind the ammunition we offer, but we also want to ensure that you know everything you need to fire your ammo effectively and safely.

Trusted By Over 700,000 Members


Trusted By Over 700,000 Members

When you join U.S. LawShield® you receive essential coverage, peace of mind, and a simple-to-understand plan that’s so affordable. So much protection for such a low price – it all makes perfect sense when you understand our heritage, our founding attorney’s mission and passion to serve our community.

Your coverage begins with:

  • 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
  • Non-emergency access to our Independent Program Attorneys
  • Unlimited civil & criminal defense litigation coverage
  • Coverage for all legal weapons
  • State-specific educational videos, law updates and online resources

Join here to become a platinum plus member!

Your membership rate gets locked in as long as you stay a member and you get 2 extra months for FREE if you join as an annual member!

use code survivalready at checkout

Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage

A stolen gun or compromised ID is bad enough, but as a gun owner, it’s worse if it happens to you. Protect your name and right to carry with this powerful add-on. *Available in certain states only.

Multi-State Protection

Extend the power of your membership outside the borders of your home state to the entire country (including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico).

Minor Children

Extend the membership services and benefits you enjoy to all minors so they’re protected in your home, on your property, or even on the playground with this popular add-on.

Hunter & Angler Regulatory Assistance

Hunting and fishing laws are complex and constantly changing. By selecting HunterShield®, you get additional coverage specifically crafted for hunters and anglers and the issues they may face. Get protected in the woods and on the water with this option. *Available in certain states only.

Bail Bond & Expert Witness

Members with this add-on receive bond fee protection for bail up to $50,000 and an expert witness at trial, if necessary. *Available in certain states only.

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